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Spirulina powder

Product name :Natural remedy Spirulina (health food; natural ingredient).
 Spirulina  is a natural alga  powder  with  tablet ;capsule form .
 Ingredient : It has  richest natural ingredients:  Vit.-B-Complex, Vit-A ,Vit.-E, Beta-Caroten,
 zeaxanthin, easy-to-absorb Iron ; Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA),
     Phycocyanin ;  Chlorophyll ,Glycolipids  , SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase).
Function : Effects & Used:                           
     Natural Antioxidants ; Detoxifie ,
    Anti-fungal,Anti-viral,Anti-parasitic properties;
     Promotes cell reproduce;  increases hemoglobin levels;
    Support and repair injured organs and tissues.
     Useful for Hypocholesterolemic,Hepatoprotective, Treat wounds, Fight cancer & HIV,
digestive system, arthritis, weight loss ;  sport training.

     Maintenance Dosage: 3~5g/day;
      Significant Part of the Diet: 8~10g/day;
     Immune System Builder: 11~15g/day;
     Healing Purposes & Heavy Metal Detoxification: 20~30g/day.
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