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Petasites hybridus

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Product name : Butterbur extract ( Natural health ingredient ,supplyment ). 
Butterbur root or leaf  extract   powder.
The  active ingredient :  15% min Petasins ( petasin + isopetasin).
C20H28O3.  CAS:[26577-85-5].
This  extract  powder not have S-petasin ,  because S-petasin melting point is 305C .
But petasin and isopetasin melting point just at 65C -72C
So the extract temperature are must lower than 80C.
Our butterbur extract bulk powder is  the PA free.
It is a Anti-histamine and Anti-anaphylaxis .
Function : Petasin is responsible for the antispasmodic properties of the plant by reducing ;
spasms in smooth muscle and vascular walls, in addition to providing
an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting leukotriene synthetics. 
Petasin has also been found to be help reduce migraine headache, asthma  ,  bronchitis.
Butterbur has also been used for cough ; urination and stomach problems.
Dosage ranges :   50-100 mg twice daily.
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